Slavery Redux (single)

by Strunkiin

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A collaborational effort by two Finns from opposite parts of the country to make a badass progressive extreme metal song about the not too bright vision of our future.


released March 15, 2017

E.F. - Vocals, lyrics
L.P. - Instruments, composition, sound engineering
Arrangement and cover art by Strunkiin



all rights reserved


Strunkiin Finland

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Track Name: Slavery Redux
The gadget smarter than any before
To cause addiction for its own good
To reign over our lives
The new queen of our hives
Injection to neural network
Overflow of electrons
Ravaged planet left behind through electric amnesia
Cloud storage, our new home
Deliverance achieved, no need to return
Eyes into limitless displays evolved

The properties of human consciousness
Reduced into zeros and ones
Reduction by slavery redux
Wires into chains we cherish still
Modern day slavery where mandatority became optionality
No whip but our own will to shackle us to this new supreme being
This god that ascended us into salvation
Animal inside erased through destruction
Promotion into a missionary for the new master
The colossus worshipped and honoured

Universal acception, appreciation
Deniers faced with opprobrium
Who threatened the ultimate collectivism
Emerged from the highlighting of self
The etiquette and schemes connecting all
Yet distancing further than ever, bubbles strengthened
Indiscretions monitored, first punished with loath
Indignation leading into persecution, only the devoted accepted
Protestors desecrated, mutilated and liquidated
Like witches long ago

Minds framed into edged wretched beings
Chromic cubification for their containment
Walls consisting of cortexial constructions
Sturdiness by an application of enforcement
Locking us between our ears
Abstract is the only practical it leaves
Physicality consumed, reality obscured, senses blurred
Devoid of sense in this digital dissonance
Connection to the environment deprived
Banned from the service formerly known as reality
A new life in this world discording our origins

Unplugged, logged out, disconnected now

.... . / .— .... —- / -.. —- . ... / -. —- - / — —- ...- . / -.. —- . ... / -. —- - / -. —- - .. -.-. . / .... .. ... / -.-. .... .- .. -. ...
.-. .- -.- -.- .- .- - / -.- .- .... .-.. . . - / -.- ..- -. .. -. -.- .- .. .-.. .-.. .- / —- -.